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Refresh Your Landscape With New Mulch

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Fresh mulch can go a long way in the appearance of your landscape. Cover up dirt and tree roots with a fresh layer of mulch to make your yard look alive and inviting.

US Premier Lawn Care offers landscaping services that include mulch delivery and installation. When we deliver mulch to your Round Rock, TX home, we'll take the time to properly spread it around your flower beds and make it look nice.

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Why add mulch to your garden?

Still not sure if mulch is right for your home? Adding mulch to your flower beds or garden will do a lot more than just make your home look nice. Schedule our mulching and lawn care services to:

  • Limit weed growth
  • Protect tree roots
  • Nourish vegetation
  • Keep your soil moist
  • Prevent soil erosion

We make installing and maintaining mulch easier with our comprehensive lawn care services.