Why Choose Our Company?

Founded in 2004 and with an innumerable amount of successful landscaping projects until this very day, our licensed company has made significant progress. We pride ourselves on the dedication we put to each task, as well as the many clients who we have satisfied with our work over the past years. We bravely continue moving our business forward by offering professional service at affordable rates.

How Are We Different?

Our company is staffed with insured and certified landscapers, each with a long history of serving on various outdoor space projects. Our commitment to excellence is what has made us the pros to which numerous clients continue to turn for all sorts of outdoor design projects, landscape maintenance tasks, and much more. We stand by our words that no landscape project we carry out will be left unfinished. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Contact our landscaping company in Round Rock, TX to schedule a service with the landscapers at US Premier Lawn Care as your trusty partners. We await your calls at (512) 253-8441 and will answer any questions related to our work. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!